Bandayo Poboide, Gorontalo Traditional House

img_20151211_142617Indonesia has many traditional houses. Each province has at least one custom home. There province which has many forms of traditional house. One of them is Gorontalo province. The province has approximately four traditional houses. One of the houses is called Bandayo Poboide traditional house.

img_20151211_144423The function of this traditional house is as a place for deliberation. Bandayo word means a building while Poboide or Po Boide means a place for deliberation. Poboide custom house-shaped house on stilts made of high quality wood so that it can survive until today. This traditional house has a lot of insulation in it. In ancient times the traditional house Bandayo Poboide also be used as a royal palace, the government and the central gathering place of the traditional elders in discussing traditional procession and also used as a venue for cultural performances typical of Gorontalo. But now it into place conserve and develop the arts and culture Gorontalo.


At the time we were in Gorontalo, we visited Bandayo Poboide traditional house located in front of the official residence of the Regent of Gorontalo. From this house, we can see the function of the room and furniture used in the past. In addition, we also can see the line of royalty in Gorontalo along with the things related to the kingdom. From this house we are also a lot of information about historic places in Gorontalo and other information. a grandmother in charge of keeping this house, she took us around the house and explained many things about the contents of traditional house


Once done around the house and find out some things about this traditional house. We had the opportunity to photographs the house and its contents, did not forget we ask for permission first. If the visitor wants to be generous and preservation of this house, please donate money in the donation box is located at the entrance.


The preservation of this house is our responsibility, so always keep an attitude and cleanliness.


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