Dulohupa Traditional House

img_20151211_134602While in Gorontalo, we intend to visit the traditional house. The traditional house that we visit first is the traditional house that is located in the Village Dulohupa Limba, South City District, Gorontalo. That is Dulohupa Traditional House. One of Gorontalo Traditional Houses.

img_20151211_134623However, when we visited there the house is not open. We can only see this building and can not see the contents of the house. So not much I can tell from this custom home.

According to some sources, this traditional house-shaped stage house body was made of boards and roof structure nuanced Gorontalo area. Besides the traditional house Dulohupa also features wooden pillars as a decoration and a symbol of the traditional house and has two staircases Gorontalo is located to the left and right custom home is a symbol of traditional ladder or called tolitihu. The name of this custom home comes from Gorontalo area which means a consensus or agreement.

In ancient times, the house serves as a place of deliberation of the royal family and as courtroom kingdom for traitor’s country through the trial of three phases of government, namely Buwatulo Bala (Stage security), Buwatulo Syara (stage of Islamic religious law) and Bawatulo Traditional (Phase customary law) and planned development activities and solve problems of the locals. While at this time, the house functioned as a place for performances of traditional ceremonies, such as wedding ceremonies and cultural and artistic performances in Gorontalo. In the traditional house there are fixtures for the marriage ceremony, wedding and other valuable objects.


The traditional house is very interesting, but unfortunately we could not explore further on this house. someday we hope to see this house. we hope so.

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