Botutonuo Beach, interesting!

img_20151211_093631Botutonuo beach located in Botutonnuo village, Bolango Bone regency, Gorontalo province. This beach is located behind lush palm trees that grow crowded plains along the coast, so it is not visible from the highway. From our Gorontalo city takes about 25 minutes to the beach location. To go to the beach location, we could skip the sidelines of houses and lush palm trees.

img_20151211_092559Botutonuo beach has crystal clear water but has the characteristics of a rocky pebble beach on the eastern side, but the white sand on the side of the western part. The beach is managed by the local community and we were only charged a parking fee for entrance to this beach area.

This beach already has some support facilities, such as wooden shacks to relax on the beach, bathroom, toilet and dressing room. From the car park area, we then walk towards the beach. We walked under the shade of palm trees and in between houses Botutonuo.img_20151211_093308

Travelers who like the sea, provided fishing boats can be rented for around Botutonuo Beach. According to local residents who spoke with us, from the boat, there is a sort of glass on the deck of a boat that can be use to see the seabed and life at sea. To rent a boat we only paid five thousand rupiahs per person. Unfortunately, when we visited not at the time of the holiday weekend. So that no boat is sailing we could rent. So underwater charm not had time to see when the sea is very clear. From the edge of the beach look the seafloor, which indicates launya really clean and may seem charming.

img_20151211_100836Because we could not be boating, be we just take a walk on the beach while playing seawater. after a while we were sitting in the shack while frolic and enjoy the sea breeze.

it is so interesting!

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