Lombongo Hot Spring

img_20151211_161936After visiting several places in Gorontalo all day, we decided to soak briefly in hot water bathing Lombongo or Lombongo Hot Springs. It is one of the natural attractions mainstay of Gorontalo Province which was inaugurated in 1989. The object area is about 32 ha. Lombongo Hot Spring is located in the village Lombongo Lombongo, District Suwawa, Bolango Bone regency, Gorontalo. It is about 19 Km east of the city of Gorontalo. It is the place that was still in the area TNBW (Nani Wartabone National Park). To reach this hot spring, we can use a motorcycle taxi or hire car.

img_20151211_171552img_20151211_161814In this area there are a variety of rides were fun. There are two kinds of pools, the pools of hot water and cold water pool. In the vicinity of this bath also contained stream that comes from the mountains in the national park, some kind of green trees and cool, the fish pond area, and a children’s playground in the garden.

img_20151211_171313This place is perfect frequented by all ages and families, in addition to eliminate fatigue also healthy. This is because the hot water contains sulfur which is good for the skin. This water can also be used to boil an egg to mature. Very interesting, right? When we swim in a pool of hot water, do not are concerned there are some facilities that we can use to support these activities. There is a toilet and a dressing room that can be used.

img_20151211_170039When we are here, only one of our friends who swim, others simply soaking feet. However, it’s also been very enjoyable. Our feet were tired could be a bit fresh.

img_20151211_161930If you have enough time, visitors can also visit one of the waterfalls in the area of the national park is not far from this hot spring. The distance is approximately 5 Km. However, to reach the waterfall we had to walk because the road can only be traversed by foot. Unfortunately, it was afternoon and we did not have enough time to get there. it does not matter, the most important thing we’ve been soaking your feet in hot water.

7 thoughts on “Lombongo Hot Spring

  1. Naba says:

    I see. In the past, sentou were everywhere, even in a little town, but, nowadays, they are getting fewer because everyone has a bath in home.

    General public baths are 400 yen. And super sentou (deluxe bath, usually hot spring) are 700 yen.

    But I know 140 yen public baths. (Because I live in countryside)
    (50 minutes from home, by walk, though)

    See you! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rist says:

    I do not know about sentou yet. But it sounds interesting, hopefully a time when I went Japan can see it. In our country the public baths are usually only in the hot spring or waterboom.


  3. Naba says:

    Not major leisure, hmm.

    I love public bath. In Japan, there are many sentou(public bath, we call).

    I’m now seeing around Lombongo, by Google Maps, because I like virtual travelling too!

    Thanks for the info. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Rist says:

    ok I’ve visited your new blog. Keep Posting! Indonesian people do not often go to the hot spring. Only a few regions in Indonesia who have hot Spring. Maybe for residents in the area, their frequent visits it.


  5. Naba says:

    Thank you following! But the blog you followed is the former blog of mine.

    Current is:

    (Besides, I’m going to change my blog at the end of this year, though..)

    My name is Naba.
    Nice to meet you!

    Does the people of Indonesia go to hot spring often?
    I didn’t know that!


    Liked by 1 person

  6. Rist says:

    grazie. I also do not speak English, but I’m learning English by writing on this blog. I’m Indonesian.


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