Gesing beach after 4 years ago

img_20151219_160852Gesing beach is a beach that get us, my husband and I, curious. Four years ago, we have been coming up on the beach. But we did not move on it, because at that time the road leading to the beach is still very quiet and not a single person in that area. Because we hesitate, we decided to cancel the trip and go home. However, curiosity is never disappearing from our memory. So, we decided to go back there again.  We hope, we see will be very impressive beach.

Gesing beach is one of the beaches in Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta – Indonesia. It is located at Padukuhan Panjolomulyo, Girikarto Village, Panggang District, Gunung Kidul Regency. The place is about 40 km from the downtown. To reach to this beach, we can use a motorcycle or car. When we got to the place, we were riding a motorcycle. When we went to the beach, the coastal road is being paved. The coastal road is fully paved yet, there are still a few meters of the road rock. So, we have to be more careful.

After parking our motorcycles, then we saw very beautiful coastal scenery. But to get to the beach area, we have to go down the road. it is because the parking lot is on a hill and the beach is on the bottom area. From the parking area, we can see the landscape is stunning. The vast ocean, the beach is flanked cliff, and the beauty of the short, along with rows of fishing boats. After seeing the beauty of the coast from a height briefly, we went down to the beach.

img_20151219_152228_hdrFrom shore, waves greet us. It was quite fun, but we must be careful of the waves can sometimes crashing toward us. At that time, there was a woman who was doing the shooting session, fell crashing waves. Fortunately, the girl survived because of the help of his friends. Behind us stands, there are rows of fishing boats. Besides that, there is also a fishing boat to be docked to the shore, we saw the fishermen worked together to close the boat. Togetherness in that activity was very impressive.

img_20151219_152824After enjoying the air, sea water, and the rush of the waves. We decided to go up the cliff and walk around on it. We wanted to see the stretch of beautiful beach.

img_20151219_161141img_20151219_155557_hdrWe walked along the path rocky to get a good spot to take photos. From that spot, we could get pictures and a very interesting sight. We took photos and my husband also take donut selfie at interesting view. Above the cliff, we also find the lighthouse and see the beach and ocean from the lighthouse area. In fact, it has stairs and lighthouse can be climbed, but the ladder was rusty and porous. So, we were horrified to rise too high.

img_20151219_155741_hdrimg_20151219_155243_hdrAfter seeing the beauty of the beach and the beautiful sea, we decided to go home. Oh, I forgot, if visitors feel hungry there are some food stalls in this coastal area. We can order various seafood cuisines and maybe the fresh fish from the catch of fishermen. But I am sure of it, because I do not eat at food stall. A small mosque in the area, no water and were not maintained. so, if you want to pray, you can pray at the food stalls area. The owner will help you.

img_20151219_155052_hdrGesing beach is so beautiful, we do not regret coming back to the place. Our curiosity paid to the extraordinary beauty of the beach. Thank you, God. Hopefully, the beach is always a natural and clean.

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