Taman Bunga Nusantara, love it!

img_20160326_120543_hdrMy friend show me about beautiful garden with a lot of flowers in her Instagram. I interest to visit the place. So, my husband and I visited it. The name of that place is Taman Bunga Nusantara or in English we can call it Nusantara Flower Garden.

it is a National asset with international scale. This garden is officially informed on 10 September 1995. If you want to visit this garden, it is located in Kawungluwuk village, Sukaresmi, Cianjur regency, west Java-Indonesia. To reach this place, you can choose car or motorcycle. It is opened every day, start from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for office hour and 5.30 for weekend.   This garden is 3 ha wide with 7 imagine garden, villa, and all-purpose building. There is a mascot for tis garden. It is black swam, Cygnus Attratus. The philosophy of the back swam is it is come from Australia. It is very strong, easy to adaptation, rapidly pullulating.

img_20160326_120528_hdrimg_20160326_120108_hdrThere is a Merak topiary at this garden, it is so amazing and beautiful. This topiary is the largest topiary in this garden. It need more les 25 thousand flowers to full it whereas for it carpet need more less 60 thousand flowers. Shape and color of topiary will change every two or three month.

At Nusantara flower garden, there are: Japanese garden, France garden, America garden, palm garden, Bali garden, Mediterranean garden, and labyrinth garden. We visited all of them but just take photo for a few gardens. Besides that, there are many facilities in this area. There is Glass house that contains beautiful tropical plant. There is a Swam lake; Mute swan, black swam, and the others European flows. Beside that there are many fish in that lake. If we come with our family, we can visit Imagination Nature. There are go-kart, mini train, and another game. If you are hungry, you can bring food from you house and lunch in picnic garden or you can visit a few restaurants in this garden. Besides that, you can see this garden from the top. We climb a tower. We can see beautiful flowers widely. It is very amazing. Oh, don not forget to pick flowers. Keep it beauty, OK!

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