Studying History on Penyengat Island

20160510_174429Indonesia is an archipelago. Indonesia has more than seventeen thousand islands spread from Sabang in Aceh to Merauke in Papua. The islands both large islands and small islands. Indonesia also has a history of many royal histories. One of them was in the Riau Islands is located on Penyengat Island. The island is located not far from the city of Tanjung Pinang, Riau Islands capital. It is about 2 Km.


Penyengat Island or Penyengat Inderasakti Island is one of the small islands in Riau Islands which is a historical tourist destination. The island measures 2,000 meters long and 850 meters wide. The island can be reached from Tanjung Pinang using a motorboat or better known pompong that require travel time of approximately 15 minutes. My friend who had several times visited the island invites us to get around the island and learn the history of the kingdom which had triumphed there.

20160510_154621From Internet sources, we learned that Penyengat Island is an historic island and has an important position in the event of rise and fall of the Malay empire, which before consisted of the Sultanate of Johor, Pahang, Siak and Lingga, especially in the southern part of the Malay Peninsula. The important role lasted for 120 years, since the establishment of the kingdom of Riau in 1722, until it was taken over entirely by the Dutch in 1911.

isaw0655isaw0629Penyengat Island is one of the attractions in the Riau Islands are within easy reach. On this island, there are many historic relics of whom are Masjid Raya Sultan Riau made from egg whites, the tombs of the kings, national heroes tomb of Raja Ali Haji, and the Office of the Palace complex in Bukit Kursi bastion. Since the date of October 19, 1995, Island stinging and palace complex on Penyengat Island has been nominated to be one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Come in and round the island, making us re-learn about one of our nation’s history. I as a person of Sumatra is certainly no stranger to the Bahasa Malay Riau which is the forerunner of Indonesian. However, there are many other historical in Sumatra, I did not know. By coming and seeing historic buildings in the area, there is a pride in the culture of the kingdom. I cannot tell the complete any I’ve visited, but when we stepped into this island. we seem to enter into the kingdom. It was an incredible experience for me.

For exploring the island, we used a motorized rickshaw who we hired at gate island. The vehicle driver can provide useful information to know about this island. Although they are not a tour guide, but they know a little more about the island and the historic buildings. We visited the Masjid Raya Sultan Riau, it is famous because this building he made from egg whites, then visit the Palace Office was used by Raja Ali Haji, a national hero in the field of language, as the palace and office. We also visited the Tomb of the Kings (Raja Ja’afar and Raja Ali Marhum) which is in the middle of Penyengat Island. Then, we we visited Tomb of the Engku Putri Raja. After that, we visited Balai Adat Melayu contained fresh water wells under the building. According to guard the hall there, the well was centuries old and until now the water is still flowing and can be drunk directly. Since not so sure to drink the water, we just washed my face alone. The water is very fresh. We also see there are activities underway children in the courtyard of the building. They were practicing pencak silat. One of the original Indonesian martial art.Β Recently, we visited Fort Hill Seats located in the hills on the island. There we found the fort and two cannons. From here, we can see the island stinger with a wider, we could also see the sea and the city of Tanjung Pinang.

isaw0651In addition to viewing the various buildings and the historic heritage. we also seeing some unique buildings and buildings that are not maintained or abandoned. One of them located near people’s houses. He is a person who has great attention to the preservation of the culture and its Penyengat Island. We asked many questions about the situation the island and discuss with him. we talked a lot of things while drinking coffee at the coffee shop he manages with his wife who is the Japanese people. We hope people like him could make this island the best. thank you already gives great attention to the preservation of the island Penyengat. hope there are many people like you there and in Indonesia. This might also be a new spirit for us to appreciate, maintain, and boasts Indonesian nature and culture.

18 thoughts on “Studying History on Penyengat Island

  1. Brad Nixon says:

    Thank you for the sketch of your fascinating country. I especially appreciate the historical notes. There is a lot that is new to me. Thank you for visiting Under Western Skies.

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  2. Rist says:

    Thank you. hope you can come to our Indonesia. I cannot give you 10 list that you must see in Indonesia. Because I love every place in Indonesia. Every place has different culture and nature. If you like nature; we have many beaches, spot divings, islands, and mountains. If you like culture we have jogjakarta, north sumatera, west sumatera, Toraja, etc. I don’t go to all of places in Indonesia yet. You can go to Raja Ampat, Anambas Island, Karimun Java, Mentawai, Bali-lombok, Comodo Island, Tanjung Puting National Park, or others places. For more information about those places, you can see on my blog or you can visit or You will find a lot of interesting places in Indonesia.


  3. travelwithclem says:

    Thank you for posting such a great article! My mother was recently in Indonesia, and I have a few friends who have visited the place. But I have never been! I’ll definitely make sure I visit whenever I get a chance. Can you give me a list of top 10 things that I must do/see when I get to Indonesia?

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  4. Rist says:

    I’m sorry, could you speak in your languange? After that, I will translate it by myself.
    I don’t understand yet. Thank you.


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