Anambas; Temurun Waterfall

img_20160512_070817_hdr20160512_072555Temurun waterfall is a beautiful and natural waterfall in Anambas. It is located at Batu Belah village, Siantan Island, Anambas Islands Regency, Riau Island. Temurun waterfall has 100 meters highest from top to bottom. It has 7 level and 250 meters above sea level.

isaw0768isaw0771It is unique waterfall and has amazing view. So, my friends and I planned to visited it. In the morning, we visited the waterfall by motorcycles. in Indonesian, we call it ojek, we go by motorcycles to waterfall area. We started out trip from our inn in Tarempa. During the trip, we passed through traditional market, community houses, forest of trees, garden, and others view. We also through many road, started from asphalt concrete road, travelling-wave, stone road, and soil road.  After more than twenty minutes, we arrived at the waterfall area. We saw Temurun waterfall but we were not lucky. The waterfall was dry. There was just a little bit water at the waterfall. But it was not a big problem. We could see waterfall stone. We stood at the rock and saw sea view from the top. It is amazing view!

20160512_07173820160512_071905After taking photo on top of the waterfall, we moved downward. We saw the waterfall from bottom. At that area, we can see Temurun waterfall from top to bottom. It is beauty view if there were so much water at the waterfall. Hope someday, we can see the water at Temurun waterfall.

Keep nature and clean, thank you Temurun waterfall.

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