Anambas; Trenggiling Island and its unique cave

img_20160512_162540_hdrAfter learning about snorkeling on Biang Island, we continued our trip to Trenggiling Island. Trenggiling in English means a pangolin. I dont know why they call the Island with Trenggiling. May be, there are a lot of Pangolins there or other reasons.  But that island looks very beauty. We did not know why Ester lay off our ship in the area of coral and rocks towering.

terenggiling-caveWhen we got off the ship we realized that there is a cave that is unique in the crevice between the rocks.

We tried to look outside the cave, Eyster and her friends forbid us to get closer to the cave area. Not far from where we approached the cave, the smell of pee or bat droppings. According to our estimates, there are a lot of bats that inhabit the cave. After we took some pictures there. Earlier, I asked if allowed to take pictures near the cave. They said it may take pictures but should not be too close or go into the cave. Perhaps, besides no one has ever entered the cave may also be dangerous if we were trying to get in.

foto-dari-eyster-fb-4Eyster and her friends then fell into the sea water around the cave. It seems that they are very happy when did free diving in the area. I was a little curious about what they seen in the water. Is there  something beautiful in the sea?

Then I told them that I would also like snorkeling and seen what was in that  sea. Bang Farizan help me to snorkel. Wow scenery in the water is very beautiful. There is a kind of trough in the water, there are some pretty big fish that was swimming back and forth, as well as beautiful coral reefs.

Then I told my friend, Mba Rina and Mr. Aril, to tried snorkeling with me to see what I had seen. Mba Rina said if she lacked the courage snorkel there because the odds are pretty deep. Another case with Mr. Aril interested in joining me to see the contents in the sea. Then he tried snorkeling and seemed he also saw the beauty of it. Because we were enjoying the snorkeling activity, Mba Rina then join with us. She seems to have started daring snorkeling. We started to enjoy snorkeling lessons we had learned.

img_20160512_162211_hdrEnjoy the beauty of the underwater park would not be endless. However, certainly stomach can not cooperate. We were hungry! Then, Eyster invited us to continue our journey, for had lunch. We climbed back the boat and sailed back. Not so long, we stopped at a beautiful beach with white sand, clear water, and a little colored toska sea water. Besides  that, there are a lot of coconut trees and others trees and plants. They said the name of the beach is the same as the name of the island, Trenggiling Beach.

Eyster and her friends prepared our lunch. while others took many pictures and some of them also swam at the beach. She called us to lunch and we ate lunches brought from Tarempa City. Our lunch menu was Nasi Padang and side dishes. It was nice when we had lunch while enjoying the beautiful view of the beach and the sea.


Thanks Trenggiling Island, for your unique cave and beautiful beach.

15 thoughts on “Anambas; Trenggiling Island and its unique cave

  1. kepulauanseribuwisatajakarta says:

    iyaa,,, kita memang berusaha mencari aman, baik itu dari muara angke, kali adem, ataupun marina ancol,,, semua aman cuma beda fasilitas di transportasi dan harga dari semua keberangkatan.


  2. Rist says:

    ya setidaknya kita sudah berusaha yg terbaik. tp kita cm berusaha. dulu aq naik yang dari muara angke jg agak aman. wlpun ngeri juga pas ditengah laut kapalnya ada masalah gt,

    Liked by 1 person

  3. kepulauanseribuwisatajakarta says:

    Iya Mbak Rist lebih aman lewat marina ancol, emang lebih aman dan nyaman,,, tapi namanya musibah kita kan gak bisa mengira ya mbak,,, ya mudah-mudahan kita selalu di lindungi allah s.w.t dimana saja dan kapan saja,,, amiiinn

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Rist says:

    Ya, dl waktu k tidung saya naiknya dari muara angke. Ya gitulah kondisinya. Ngeri juga sih. Mungkin nextnya kalo mau kesana mungkin akan dari marina.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. kepulauanseribuwisatajakarta says:

    iya mbak rist,,, itu transfortasi dari kali adem dan muara angke memang kapalnya bukan kapal fiber,,, kalau dari Marina ancol menggunakan kapal fiber ( speed boad )


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