De’Ranch, Love Horses and Interesting view

img_20160206_144627Sea air is already very familiar to me. I do not stop to return to the beach. I  love the beach and the sea so much. However, I always wanted to know cool air on hills or mountains. I still dream to be able to climb the mountain. Yup, someday may be realized. I hope so.


I got a chance to visit a cool area  in Lembang, Bandung, West Java. My husband and co worker filled their holidays at the area. I participated in that event. We planed to go to one of ranches in Lembang. We’ll travel to De ‘Ranch. A tourist place with the theme of “wisata kuda ala cowboy” Horse tour as a Cowboy, we can call it in English. The place is located on Jl. Maribaya no. 17, Lembang – Bandung. This place has 5 ha with very attractive natural scenery.

Based on De’Ranch website, this Ranch was officially opened in 2007 as a Horse tour as a cowboy style with the theme ‘food, leisure and knowledge’. Until now De’Ranch own 20 horses originating from various regions. In the operation of the horse, the ranch has a collaboration with local communities who have horses.  img_20160206_145324 img_20160206_151236 img_20160206_151053Besides riding and enjoyingbeautiful view of the mountains in that area, we can also play other things. There are some things we can do when we are at  De’Ranch, such as: Delman or  wagon ride, horseback riding, pony horse for children, Flying fox, Bicycle track, archery, ride a wagon around the surrounding Lembang, and children’s games such as jumping child, trampolines, bicycles toddler, water balloons, and the other games.

img_20160206_150016Each of us played the game that we love. A few of My husband’s friends tried Delman. My husband and I just walked at the area and saw many horse, and we like white horse. If we want to play these games, we have to pay one by one. Because the entrance ticket and the game does not become one. But take it easy, the price is still can be reached. We also took some photos, and we also tried some of the food offered at the restaurant. There are many foods that can be tried there; there are siomay, batagor, fried rice, ice cream, horses milk, and a favorite menu is grilled sausages. All of them is very tasty. img_20160206_150421Thanks to my husband’s workplace that has invited me to see the horses and the beauty of Lembang landscape. Always keep the nature, ok!

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