Ujung Gelam Island, Want to see your nice sunset

0816b28b92830c30e873a19f1cbda4d8The beauty of Karimunjawa is inexhaustible. One of them is Ujung Gelam island. Smooth white sand and nice spot are interesting offer from this place. We can reach this place 40 minutes from Karimunjawa.

0816b28b92830c30e873a19f1cbda4d8People says that Ujung Gelam Beach is good spot to enjoy the sunset. But, we did not get the sunset because the weather was not good. We had to go back to Karimunjawa island, place where we were live in. This place offers some nice spots.

There are smooth and white sand, clear sea water, green trees, and some food stalls.

dcea092d958b7c1013320732305351f3What the food menu? Yup! Delicious banana fried, yummy instant noodles, and fresh coconut water! So happy to eat and drink while enjoy sea wind and beautiful scenery.


We did not do some activities on this island, we just eat, enjoy sea wind, and take some photos. One of my friend took photos on coconut tree, I thought she likes a model. But it was make us smile and laugh. One more, we turned into sea water and played sea water. I wanted to swim more and more but we had no time to do it.  So, we went back and finished our island and beach trip.

0565f1595327b185988c9c72096ccc7bWe wanted to continue out trip at nature scenery, waiting for us! So, keep our nature and do not trash your garbage into the sea.

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