Bukit LOVE, Taking Instagramable Photos

3ca70287a411cb0c2b5df303e37dc16cI have no idea with this place before. But when my friends and I visited it I knew that the place is an instagramable place. Basically, I don’t like a place which build to attract people just for taking photos. I think natural scenery is more interesting than a place has been built for taking photos. But, I do not know why, today it is so popular. I try to think in positive mindset. This action not only for people who crazy in selfie or Social media phenomena but also about local community. This action can give income for local communities, although we must be careful for our nature.f88dd12edc2716983a991b0dcfb39c49Okay, my friends and I went to this place in the morning before we went back home. We visited Bukit LOVE. This place is near from main area of this island. It is about 5-7 minutes from our inn. What can we see in this area? Hills with LOVE word-stone. Yes, people built a word ‘’LOVE’’ from cement on the hill. From this spot, we can see beautiful scenery of Karimunjawa sea. Love it, it is exquisite! Besides LOVE stone, we can find Karimunjawa word-stone. It is like Love word-stone.


After two of them, we can sit on a chair while see the nice view and our friend will take a picture for us. Wow, it is nice! But be careful we are on hill. Keep yourself!


Another spot is under the Love word-stone; we can take photos in a bird cage. To reach this cage, you must go upstairs. In this area, you will find souvenir shops. I interested to buy a T-Shirt or a goody bag which drew by local people.  They drew Karimunjawa theme; sea, sea animal, scenery, and another. So cute!  After taking photos, we continued our trip to historical thing area, the place is near from this area.

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