Joko Tuo, A Karimunjawa Ancient Fish-bone

f459b336cc31939594efe067eb870e34Karimunjawa is nice Islands can attract people to visit it. One of them is nature scenery.  After taking many photos at Bukit Love, we continued our trip to an area called Joko Tuo hill. It is a hill same like Bukit Love. We must go upstairs and find the top of this hill. Before we arrived, we met a large fish-bone. We asked each other, what is this? It is original or just replica.


After we observed it.

The fish bone has pore or fish structure that seem like pore at many bones or skeleton. So we decide that the fish-bone are original. So, we ask to our guide about the fish-bone. He said that it is original fish-bone from Karimunjawa sea. People call it Joko Tuo an ancient fish-bone. It is ancient fish that found by fisherman in the past. It is wide and large fish-bone, we think that the ancient fish is so big and large size. Its length about 10 meters and its wide about 2 meters. We think it likes a while now.

95e619993d7e3f956944eb798eb313bcWe continued go upstairs and arrived at the top of this hill. We can see Karimunjava sea scenery widely. There are some Instagramable spot for taking picture.

32a7d7e7856392086f48e286e064663da280efcd4b3b510c6915912f71087dfcPeople made a wooden cottage, a swing, a boat of swing, a bird cage, word-stone, and others. But the spots have been crumbly and unfinished. It is okay, nice view on the top of this hill is very beautiful. It is nice for our felling and the fresh air can make me happy.  

Joko Tuo was the last place that we visited in Karimunjawa, hope we can see the others in this Islands. 

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