Kawah putih ciwidey, Nice crater.

Kawah Putih, in English White Crater, is a nature tourism in Ciwidey, West Java. It is more or less 50 Km from south of Bandung City. White Crater formed from eruption of Mount Patuha. In this area, its soil and water lake are white.

From many sources, the water lake is white greenery and can change color in accordance with the levels of brimstone, the weather, and the temperature in that area.

The weather in that White Crater is so cool, it is because the crater is located on mountains. So, if you want to visit this crater, you must bring jacket or thick and warm clothes.  There are a few plans and tree around the white crater.


Besides that, there is a cave covered with wood and we should not be too long in from of the mouth of the cave.  that It is make the crater looked amazing.

There are many photographers take beautiful pictures in this area. Besides that, there are many couple make their pre-wedding photos in this crater. Visitors advises to use a mask because the smell of brimstone quite sharply.

This place is amazing and looked beautiful, so you must keep the place and the nature. There are many nice spots to capture picture and a place to take a rest. It because we must go down the stairs to reach this crater.

Reaching this area, you can use private car or motorcycle and stop at parking area. After that you can reach the area by mini bus which prepared by transportation team of white crater.

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