Kelagian Besar Island; White and Soft Sand

Pulau Kelagian Besar, Big Kelagian Island, is the third island that we visited. Big Kelagian Island located in Lampung Province, I did know much about this island.

But I love this place so much. I love the weather, I love the sea water, I love the sand, and I love everything on this island.

This island has long beach line, white and soft sand, very clear sea water, and green tree. My friends and I enjoy this island and we take some photos. It is so nice and beautiful. I hope this island always natural and clear. So, keep it always.

There some sport water activities on this island. Besides that, we can enjoy this island; sightseeing, take some nice pictures, play the sea water, and another activity.

I cannot describe you much about this island, please come to this island.


One thought on “Kelagian Besar Island; White and Soft Sand

  1. Hafidh Frian says:

    Banyak tulisan ulasan ttg wisata dg bahasa inggris disini. Ijin follow, semangat dalam mempopulerkan wisata dalam negeri agarbisa go internasional. Jangan lupa lestarikan alam. Salam kenal dr lereng semeru

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