Joko Tuo, A Karimunjawa Ancient Fish-bone

f459b336cc31939594efe067eb870e34Karimunjawa is nice Islands can attract people to visit it. One of them is nature scenery.  After taking many photos at Bukit Love, we continued our trip to an area called Joko Tuo hill. It is a hill same like Bukit Love. We must go upstairs and find the top of this hill. Before we arrived, we met a large fish-bone. We asked each other, what is this? It is original or just replica.


After we observed it.

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Enjoying Monas at Night

img_20160924_192844_hhtAs an icon of Jakarta, Monas is an interesting place to visit. In the past, I had visited during the day. This time my husband and I visited him at night. My husband said he wanted to see the monument wrapped in LED lights. He said it would be very interesting if it could see the colorful lights.

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Studying History on Penyengat Island

20160510_174429Indonesia is an archipelago. Indonesia has more than seventeen thousand islands spread from Sabang in Aceh to Merauke in Papua. The islands both large islands and small islands. Indonesia also has a history of many royal histories. One of them was in the Riau Islands is located on Penyengat Island. The island is located not far from the city of Tanjung Pinang, Riau Islands capital. It is about 2 Km.


Penyengat Island or Penyengat Inderasakti Island is one of the small islands in Riau Islands which is a historical tourist destination. The island measures 2,000 meters long and 850 meters wide. The island can be reached from Tanjung Pinang using a motorboat or better known pompong that require travel time of approximately 15 minutes. My friend who had several times visited the island invites us to get around the island and learn the history of the kingdom which had triumphed there.

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Menara Keagungan Limboto, looking at the beautiful of Gorontalo from the top


When first entering the province of Gorontalo, I hope I can climb to the famous tower in the province. Unfortunately, when my friends and I arrived at the bottom of the tower. Lift tower was damaged and could not take us to the top. But it does not matter, just look at the its tower has become an interesting experience. The tower was called the Tower of Greatness Limboto, in Indonesian Menara Keagungan Limboto.

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Dulohupa Traditional House

img_20151211_134602While in Gorontalo, we intend to visit the traditional house. The traditional house that we visit first is the traditional house that is located in the Village Dulohupa Limba, South City District, Gorontalo. That is Dulohupa Traditional House. One of Gorontalo Traditional Houses.

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Bandayo Poboide, Gorontalo Traditional House

img_20151211_142617Indonesia has many traditional houses. Each province has at least one custom home. There province which has many forms of traditional house. One of them is Gorontalo province. The province has approximately four traditional houses. One of the houses is called Bandayo Poboide traditional house.

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Otanaha Fortress, a historic fort in Gorontalo

img_20151211_111346OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOtanaha Fortress is a historic fort in Gorontalo which have been built in the 15th century although at this time no longer intact as before. Otanaha Fortress is located in the Village Dembe I, Kota Barat sub-district, Gorontalo. Based on many resources, Otanaha fort was built in 1522 by King Ilato. The fort was built on the initiative of the Portuguese master of the ship docked at the Port of Gorontalo. The initial goal was as defense and security of the nation from attack. According to some sources, the fort was only built from a mixture of sand and limestone. while the adhesive comes from the egg Maleo. This fort actually has three names in three of fortress, which Ulupahu, Otahiya, and Otanaha. But it is  more popularly known as Otanaha Fort.

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Human statues wrapped by a snake  

img_20151120_123307_hdrAfter trying to understand more about grave stones before. we then walked approximately 20 meters toward Tanjung Aro area megalith sites. From entrance we can see there is statue that we wanted to visit. This human statue wrapped a snake is located in this area. It is located at area of rice fields and not far from residential areas.

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Pulau kemaro, Sad Love legend


An offering from a man who has a Ketek, a speedboat, has led us to Kemaro Island. My friend and I decided to visit this island because I had been there a few years ago. I have several stories about the island to tell her. However, I thought that it is not enough; she must go there to know much about Kemaro Island and its legend.

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Ampera Brigde, the Landmark of Palembang

190900_origIMG_20151119_121234How many times I have come here. This is Ampera Bridge; this is the landmark of Palembang city. We know that this bridge save a history. I do not know much about it but I am proud of it. Every time I journeyed by a long bridge I always remember Ampera Bridge. Ampera bridge is a vertical-lift bridge in Palembang, South Sumatera. The bridge connects Seberang Ulu region and Seberang Ilir region. The regions is two region in Palembang.

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Shwedagon Pagoda at Taman Lumbini, nice!

IMG-20151101-WA0077IMG_20151031_141219I think that I forgot one place, we also visiting Vietnam Pagoda in Berastagi. We searched on internet and found Pagoda Location. We went there just for a few minutes, just saw and taken photo and then we continued our trip. But, before it we enjoy this pagoda first.

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Siallagan King Grave; it is about Punishment.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn North Sumatera, we can see many megalithic stones. My friends and I have an opportunity to visit one of them. We visited Huta Siallagan – Siallagan Village- at Ambarita Village, Simanindo, Samosir Island. Stones around the village, it likes wall to protect people who lives there. Laga Siallagan King Government build this village. We can reach this area by public transformation or rent a car to look around Samosir Island. If we want to visit this place, we can see many stone chairs and a table stone. These called Batu Parsidangan, in English we can call it Meeting Stones.

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Parulubalangan Stonechairsalt – History Animism

IMG_20151030_100953If you visit somewhere in Sumatera, you often meet Megalith archaeological sites. My friends and I also visit one of them at Siallagan Village, Simanindo Sub district, Samosir Island, North Sumatera – Indonesia. IMG-20151101-WA0009We visited Parubalangan Stone chair salt; in Indonesia, we call it Parubalungan Kursi Batu Sira. This relic is the oldest King Sialagan archeological remains. Sira stone chair is a place as a court and penalization for criminals; thief, rapist, and killer.

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Taking photography at Abang Temple, Teletubies Hill

foto019Candi Abang, Abang Temple, is located at Blambangan, Jogotirto village, sub district, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta. My husband and I went to this place to take after wedding photos. My photographer suggests this place for us. They just said that the place is very beautiful and amazing for our photo. Therefore, we accepted her suggestion.IMG_2600_

People seldom visit this place because it is far from Main Street and just a little direction to reach it. From Yogyakarta, we drive a private car, and we tried to reach the place. We also used Google map to find it. After parking our car in that village, we continued our trip on foot to get the location.

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Disaster and Earthquake Museum

DSC07667 DSC07654Remembering Disaster makes us sad and sometimes we cry although we did not there when the disaster happened. When I went to Padang city, I decided to visit Disaster and Earthquake Museum to know about the situation. West Sumatera Earthquake occurred on 30 September 2009 with 7, 6 Scale Richter at west Sumatera offshore. Continue reading

Air Manis as Malin Kundang Beach

CameraZOOM-20141124123602127Many beaches have old stories or legends. We have heard about the legend from visitors who have visited the beach or from local community who live there. We can believe it or not bur some people believe that the legend is true. In Indonesia, we often find about beach legend such as on Parang tristis beach Yogyakarta with Ratu Kidul legend and on Air Manis beach in West Sumatera with Malin Kundang legend. A few weeks ago, I got a change to visited Air Manis beach.DSC07435On that beach, we not only hear a legend of the beach but also we can see an evidence of the legend. We can see Malin and his ship that has been stones. Malin is a character in that legend, he has been disobedient to his mother after he went on a journey looking for work and has become a rich-man. He has made her sad and heartache. Continue reading

Gedung Juang 45 – Bekasi


My friend and I are always confused if we want to take a walk in Bekasi. I do not know much about tourism in Bekasi but as long as I have been living here, I have not found the tourism yet. I search it on the Internet and find malls, supermarket, beach, and one historical building. Because of visiting mall is not good idea we choose to visit beach. Unfortunately, beach location is so far from my house. In the end, we decided to visit historical building. The name of that building is Gedung Juang 45 Bekasi. Location of the building on JalanHasanudin, near from Tambun Selatan Market.

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Monas- National Monument; Pekan Rakyat Jakarta



Visiting an outdoor event is very crowded! There are many people at the event and the weather is very hot. My friend and I have an experience about that situation when we visited Pekan Rakyat Jakarta Monas at Monas Tower area. We went to Monas on Sunday by Trans Jakarta Bus way Corridor I, Blok M- Kota direction. We stopped at Bank of Indonesia shelter and go through to the Monas Area. The distance between the shelter and gate of Monas is about 50 meters. We can reach that place on foot.

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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah


Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a big garden is represented all of traditional culture in Indonesia. We can see a lot of traditional houses, clothing, and others from Aceh Province until Papua Province. Every place has a name of the place. We can call the place “Anjungan.” For example; Anjungan Aceh, Anjungan Yogyakarta, Anjungan Sulawesi Selatan, and many others. There are more than thirty Anjungan at Taman Mini. Continue reading