Looking at Various Transportation at Museum Angkut

img_20160429_170432 If we have a plane to visiting Malang. Don’t forget to visit Museum Angkut. We can see a lot of vehicles from traditional to modern transportation. Beside that, we can take some interesting and cute photo at those vehicles. We can see European atmospere at Museum Angkut Plus Movie Star Studio is the museum with the concept of education and entertainment that is displayed Directly. This museum is the first museum of transportation in Indonesia and in Asia. The museum is built on March 9 2014. Museum is located on the slopes of Panderman mountains. It is at Jalan Terusan Sultan Agung No. 2 Ngaklik, Batu Regency, Batu, Malang, East Java.

img_20160429_170735The museum has more than 300 collections; Traditional transpotation to Modern Tranportation, European and America Lanscape with femouse building, Superhero statues, and many more.  The collection is divided into several zones: Education, Sunda Kelapa and Batavia, Japan, European Union, Hollywood, and Gangster & Broadway zone.

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Exploring Minangkabau Culture at Adityawarman Museum


Every Province has every history, custom, and culture. We must preserve them for young generation later. Besides that, we also appreciate it as cultural heritages which always protected by us. Although we cannot protect it completely but we must keep it as good as we can. Government has important role to protect and conserve it. Because of it, Government builds Museum. Museum is a place to collect and protect it. Whereas, we visitor also keep it well. Let us go to museum! It is an invitation in order to go to museum by Indonesian museum. Therefore, when I go to some places I hope I can visit a museum to know about culture or history in a place. When I went to Padang City, West Sumatera, I provide an opportunity to visit museum. I visited Adityawarman Museum and also Disaster and Earthquake Museum.


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Indonesia Kite Museum


When we were child, we often play a kite. Sometimes, I still remember that I have ever chased a falling kite. Today, I think the action is very dangerous. Thus, when I was child it was nice moment. Sometimes, I did not think that was dangerous action. I just thought that I had to get the falling kite. I just wanted to play happily.

A few days ago, I tried to remember my memories about a kite. I went to Kite Museum. I went there by public transportation. Kite museum is located at Jl. H. Kamang No.38, Pondok Labu, South Jakarta. I started my trip from East Bekasi. I took Mayasari Bus to Blok M terminal and then took a Metromini 610 to reach Kite Museum. I stoped at one third of the ways at Jalan RS. Fatmawati. I found an information board about the Kite Museum at the area. After that, I walked to the museum. It is about 350 meters.

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Seeing The first commercial Indonesian airplane at Satria Mandala Museum


I like an airplane. I always think that airplane is if transportation to reach my ambition. My teacher said, “Make a paper airplane and fly it! It means same as you try to reach your ambition.” Because of the story, I always think that airplane is interesting transportation. It always remains me to always remember my aim. Okay! I do not tell you about my aim, I will tell you about one of museums that have airplanes. My friend and I went to Satria Mandala Museum.

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Visiting Taman Prasasti Museum


Visiting cemetery is not bad idea. I think we can find some information about the cemetery. In this trip, I will tell you about Taman Prasasti Museum. The museum is one of museums in Jakarta. The first, we can reach this museum in Central Jakarta, near from National Museum. From National Museum, we can walk for ten minutes to the place. The second, we only pay five thousand rupiah for one adult ticket and we can see many beautiful cemetery.

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Visiting Textile Museum

Sometimes we, my friend and I, do not know where we want to go for trip. We are confused if we have gone to some tourism place in some places, especially in Jakarta. Because of the reason, we could not decide where we wanted to go. Finally, we chose to go to museum again. We had already wanted to go to museums but we did not decide yet. There are two places, which we wanted to visit. First in Tanah Abang area, Museum Textile, and the second is museum that near from National Monument area. Therefore, we decided to go to the first place. We started our trip from Pancoran area. From here, we can take Metromini 640 Pasar Minggu- Tanah Abang direction or APTB bus Bekasi-Tanah Abang direction at Pancoran Tugu shelter. We took Metromini until a place under the bridge. After we arrived, we continued our trip on foot until we found Tanah Abang Block G market. The museum is not far from the market. We can reach the place on foot.


Before we entered the place, we looked for some meals near the museum area. We did not have breakfast yet, so we were very hungry. After having breakfast, we walked to the place and bought two tickets, 5000 rupiah for one adult ticket. The museum opens on Tuesday-Sunday at 9 am – 3 p.m.

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Visiting Gajah Museum –- National Museum


A few weeks ago, Faozan and I went to one of the museums in Jakarta. Although the Museum is usually called “Gajah Museum”, its original name is National Museum.  We went to the museum by public transportation in Jakarta, TransJakarta bus. Because I was from Bekasi, I took an APTB bus and then took Transjakarta bus, whereas my Friend took Metromini 640 and then Transjakarta because he was from Kalibata area. We stopped at Monas shelter and then walked about 5 Meters to the museum.

Before we started to come in the building, we saw Gajah statue at museum yard. We took some photo at this area. Later we continued to the building. After arriving at the Museum area, we bought 2 tickets at ticket desk in front of the museum. After that, we started to visit the museum.

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Visiting Bank Indonesia Museum

I have ever said that museum has interesting design to attract visitor today. Besides that, interactive design is necessary too. Now, I want to tell you about museum, which has both of them. The museum is Bank Indonesia Museum. When we visit it, we will find attractive museum.


Bank Indonesia Museum is located in Kota Tua  (old city) area same as Fine Art and Ceramic Museum that I have told before. In this museum, we got free tickets but we had to entrust our bags or things with operator. Then, we started our trip from left door and look around to see contents of this museum.

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Visiting Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum in Old Batavia City


Visiting a Museum is an interesting activity. We can find not only joy but also historical knowledge about something that happened hundreds or thousands years ago in the museum. Today, visiting museum is not boring because we will a new design at the Museum. For example museum has many facilities which support our needs, such as mosque, canteen, garden, and interesting room design.

Faozan and I visited Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum,one of the museums in Old Batavia City few months ago. We went there by Trans Jakarta Bus, the first corridor, Blok M – Kota bus-line. After we arrived in Kota Shelter, we walked to the main area at Kota Tua. This area is located in 1.3 square kilometers of North Jakarta and West Jakarta. This place is known as Old Jakarta or Old Batavia.

We found a large field that is surrounded by many old buildings and we saw many people in that area. They were doing many activities for example cycling, walking around, playing with their children, and many others. Before we enter the field, we decided to eat something in this place. We were looking for a canteen or food stall near the place. Finally, we found some food stalls which sold many varieties of food. There were Soto, fried rice, fried foods, and other Indonesian foods. I ate a bowl of Soto and a glass of ice tea, Faozan did either. After eating those foods, we took a stroll at the field. We saw some statue-like people. The statues are some people that wear traditional soldierly uniform and their bodies are painted with special paint. I don’t know about the special paint. They did not move as though they were real statues. They looked nice. If we want to donate some money to them, maybe we can take a photo with them. They provided a small container where we could put some money inside it. At the field, we also saw many types of merchandise; traditional toys, unique dolls, typical souvenirs of Jakarta, and others.

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