Living in Ujung Jaya, Ujung Kulon National Park


Living in new and strange place is an amazing experience. I have some experiences about living in the place. In this addition, I will tell you about Ujung Jaya Village, Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon. The place is our place to do our KKN. We stayed there from June to August 2010. The number of us is eight persons and we had to finish our duties in this place. So we had to have big spirit and effort to finish it, besides that we also enjoyed these experiences.

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Cerita Kami di Pulau Handeleum

pulau handeleum (20)

Pergi ke pulau yang tidak banyak penghuninya merupakan suatu hal yang tidak biasa dan sangat menarik. Kegiatan seperti itulah yang saya dan teman-teman saya lakukan ketika kami mengunjungi salah satu pulau yang termasuk dalam kawasan Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon, Banten.

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Ke Pantai Tanjung Lame – Pantai berpasir putih penuh kerang-karang

DSC02223Hummm… lagi-lagi saya akan bercerita tentang pantai. Semoga tidak bosan ya.. Kali ini saya tidak akan menceritakan pengalaman saya ketika ke pantai di DI. Yogyakarta, Tetapi saya akan menceritakan pengalaman saya bersama teman-teman KKN saya dan juga anak-anak di Desa Ujung Jaya, Continue reading

Want to see sunset on Taman Jaya Beach


Seeing sunset is interesting activity that I do not know what I like it to do. Sometimes we find a beautiful sunset with an egg yolk of sun but sometimes we cannot see it. When My friends and I went to Taman Jaya Village, we provided an opportunity to see the sunset. It was because we arrived at the village in the evening, sunset time. Unfortunately, the clouds were not friendly with us. The clouds covered the sunset. But God gave us a change, in the end we could see the sunset. It was great!

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Enjoying sunset at Ujung Jaya Beach


DSC02440 DSC02439 DSC02438

Going to the beach is never ends. I love beach so much! I cannot reject a magic of beach. I always miss the beach when I am far from it. Today, my mind cannot forget to write about the beach. Therefore, I will tell you about my trip in one of beaches in Ujung Kulon area. Location of the beach is a place where we did our KKN, Ujung Jaya Village.

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Cikacang Waterfall in Ujung Kulon National Park


Hiking is a part of sport activities. We did hiking to reach a waterfall. The location is at Ujung Kulon National Park. We were invited to go there by boys at Ujung Jaya Village. We walked together to reach the place. We went through citizen houses, rice fields, forest, and deep forest. After walking for two hours, we arrived there. We found a waterfall and a little flowing water on stones. They call the waterfall, Cikacang Curug.

The boys and a part of my friend prepare cooking rice and burning fish. The food was cooked with fire and wood. While they cooked, others friend took a bath or swim in little river near the waterfall. We girls did not swim, we just filled our feet into the water and took some photos, and so did my other friends.

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