Joko Tuo, A Karimunjawa Ancient Fish-bone

f459b336cc31939594efe067eb870e34Karimunjawa is nice Islands can attract people to visit it. One of them is nature scenery.  After taking many photos at Bukit Love, we continued our trip to an area called Joko Tuo hill. It is a hill same like Bukit Love. We must go upstairs and find the top of this hill. Before we arrived, we met a large fish-bone. We asked each other, what is this? It is original or just replica.


After we observed it.

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Bukit LOVE, Taking Instagramable Photos

3ca70287a411cb0c2b5df303e37dc16cI have no idea with this place before. But when my friends and I visited it I knew that the place is an instagramable place. Basically, I don’t like a place which build to attract people just for taking photos. I think natural scenery is more interesting than a place has been built for taking photos. But, I do not know why, today it is so popular. I try to think in positive mindset. This action not only for people who crazy in selfie or Social media phenomena but also about local community. This action can give income for local communities, although we must be careful for our nature.f88dd12edc2716983a991b0dcfb39c49Okay, my friends and I went to this place in the morning before we went back home. We visited Bukit LOVE. This place is near from main area of this island. It is about 5-7 minutes from our inn. What can we see in this area? Hills with LOVE word-stone. Yes, people built a word ‘’LOVE’’ from cement on the hill. From this spot, we can see beautiful scenery of Karimunjawa sea. Love it, it is exquisite! Besides LOVE stone, we can find Karimunjawa word-stone. It is like Love word-stone.

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Ujung Gelam Island, Want to see your nice sunset

0816b28b92830c30e873a19f1cbda4d8The beauty of Karimunjawa is inexhaustible. One of them is Ujung Gelam island. Smooth white sand and nice spot are interesting offer from this place. We can reach this place 40 minutes from Karimunjawa.

0816b28b92830c30e873a19f1cbda4d8People says that Ujung Gelam Beach is good spot to enjoy the sunset. But, we did not get the sunset because the weather was not good. We had to go back to Karimunjawa island, place where we were live in. This place offers some nice spots.
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Cemara Kecil Island, lovely white sand

IMG_20161211_105630_HDRPulau Cemara Kecil, may be in English we can call it Little Casuarina Island is one of islands in Karimunjawa. This island not inhabited.

IMG_20161211_113555_HDRWhat can we found in this Island? An island surrounded by white sand, clear sea water, and green Casuarina trees.

First, we have to go down from our boat around 25-30 meters from the edge of the shore. After that we walked and steeped smooth sand. I think it is mud of sand. But it was Ok!  We were happy. After we arrived on the shore, we can see the beauty of Cemara Kecil Island. It is very nice and beauty.
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Karimunjawa: Breeding of Shark on Menjangan Besar Island

img-20161211-wa0084The first destinations we visited in Karimunjawa is a shark breeding on Menjangan Besar Island, Karimunjawa, Central Java. We set off from a dock on the island Karimunjawa with a ship. After about 10 or 15 minutes, we arrived at an island. We then got off the ship. Previously, we were asked by the manager of the place was on who would enter. Each incoming visitor must pay the entrance fee to the sharks breeding place.

img-20161211-wa0143There are two big enough pools in the area. In those ponds, there are a few little sharks.  Visitors may enter into the pond and take pictures with the sharks. But there are some rules that must be followed by visitors. There are five things that must be considered by visitors as abstracted from the pages of Kompas travel. Part of it was also informed by the officer at that place before the visitors went into pond.

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Karimunjawa is our expectation

img_20161211_144320_hdrKarimunjawa is a trip and hope together. The trip has been my friends and I wanted to travel for approximately 3 months. This was a test for us. Did we really be able to organize a tour or just talk. Therefore, we should be able to realize our tour it. This trip was planned to be pleasant and low-cost. Who is not tempted by it. Therefore, many seniors in the places where we work want to participate. Oh well, this might be interesting because it was followed by people who like traveling and have a strong spirit.

img-20161211-wa0004Welcome expectations. Karimunjawa wait for us.

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Ayo Melihat Merapi dari Ketep Pass?

Setiap orang pasti memiliki sudut pandang yang berbeda dalam memandang sesuatu hal termasuk juga memandang objek yang menarik. Karena itulah saya dan teman saya, Faozan, ingin mengunjungi tempat wisata Ketep Pass. Dari tempat tersebut kami ingin melihat Gunung merapi dan sekitarnya dari ketinggian. Dengan demikian kami akan leluasa memandang keindahan Merapi dan pesonanya.


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Sunrise-sunset Bukit Bintang Phatuk dan Pesona Waduk Gajah Mungkur

Semasa liburan natal tahun 2010 yang lalu saya diajak oleh teman saya mengunjungi neneknya yang merayakan natal. Kami diajak ke rumah neneknya di Wonogiri. Karena sedang liburan dan tidak ada kerjaan, kami kemudian memutuskan untuk ikut ke sana.

100_3410 100_3407

Kami kemudian berangkat di pagi hari sekitar jam 5 pagi dengan mengendarai 2 sepeda motor. Kami berempat, Mbak Ajeng, adiknya Hayu, Dewi, dan saya. Dari kost kami di daerah Kuningan, Condong Catur Sleman, kami langsung melajukan motor kami dari jalan Samirono menuju ke arah jalan Affadni lalu ke jalan Solo dan berbelok ke jalan Janti. Setelah melewati jalan janti kami berbelok menuju ke jalan Jogja-Wonosari. Lalu kami terus melajukan motor kami hingga kami bertemu dengan wilayah Phatuk.

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