Lombongo Hot Spring

img_20151211_161936After visiting several places in Gorontalo all day, we decided to soak briefly in hot water bathing Lombongo or Lombongo Hot Springs. It is one of the natural attractions mainstay of Gorontalo Province which was inaugurated in 1989. The object area is about 32 ha. Lombongo Hot Spring is located in the village Lombongo Lombongo, District Suwawa, Bolango Bone regency, Gorontalo. It is about 19 Km east of the city of Gorontalo. It is the place that was still in the area TNBW (Nani Wartabone National Park). To reach this hot spring, we can use a motorcycle taxi or hire car.

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Botutonuo Beach, interesting!

img_20151211_093631Botutonuo beach located in Botutonnuo village, Bolango Bone regency, Gorontalo province. This beach is located behind lush palm trees that grow crowded plains along the coast, so it is not visible from the highway. From our Gorontalo city takes about 25 minutes to the beach location. To go to the beach location, we could skip the sidelines of houses and lush palm trees.

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Menara Keagungan Limboto, looking at the beautiful of Gorontalo from the top


When first entering the province of Gorontalo, I hope I can climb to the famous tower in the province. Unfortunately, when my friends and I arrived at the bottom of the tower. Lift tower was damaged and could not take us to the top. But it does not matter, just look at the its tower has become an interesting experience. The tower was called the Tower of Greatness Limboto, in Indonesian Menara Keagungan Limboto.

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Dulohupa Traditional House

img_20151211_134602While in Gorontalo, we intend to visit the traditional house. The traditional house that we visit first is the traditional house that is located in the Village Dulohupa Limba, South City District, Gorontalo. That is Dulohupa Traditional House. One of Gorontalo Traditional Houses.

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Bandayo Poboide, Gorontalo Traditional House

img_20151211_142617Indonesia has many traditional houses. Each province has at least one custom home. There province which has many forms of traditional house. One of them is Gorontalo province. The province has approximately four traditional houses. One of the houses is called Bandayo Poboide traditional house.

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Otanaha Fortress, a historic fort in Gorontalo

img_20151211_111346OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOtanaha Fortress is a historic fort in Gorontalo which have been built in the 15th century although at this time no longer intact as before. Otanaha Fortress is located in the Village Dembe I, Kota Barat sub-district, Gorontalo. Based on many resources, Otanaha fort was built in 1522 by King Ilato. The fort was built on the initiative of the Portuguese master of the ship docked at the Port of Gorontalo. The initial goal was as defense and security of the nation from attack. According to some sources, the fort was only built from a mixture of sand and limestone. while the adhesive comes from the egg Maleo. This fort actually has three names in three of fortress, which Ulupahu, Otahiya, and Otanaha. But it is  more popularly known as Otanaha Fort.

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