Watu Goyang; Do you see the stone swaying?

Concept of Watu Goyang is slightly different from concept of Puncak Becici or Songgo Langit, but the place offers nice view same as them. We can see Yogyakata view from the top area and there is a big stone there. People called the stone as Watu Goyang, Stone Swaying in English.

There is a stone that sway on top of a hill. If we touch the stone, it will be swaying. From the swaying stone, we can see beautiful scenery of Yogyakarta. At the area, there are deer statue made from wood. It is cute.

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Seribu Batu Songgo Langit, big stones and cute pine forest.

First time saw the tittle of this tourist attraction, I wanted to know much about this place. I wanted to see the stones and the interesting spots. I am very curious about the place. So, my husband and I decided to enter the area. Seribu batu Songgo Langit is located in Mangunan Pine forest, Dlingo, Bantul Regency.

There are some big stones and one is the biggest. Besides that, we can take some interesting photos at some beautiful and unique spots. There are Hobbit houses, viewing post, Dwarf house, and also flying fox area.  We can choose what we want to take and also taking some nice pictures. Pine trees is the best place when we want to take picture or just want to take a rest. Besides that, there are some facilities; there are food stalls and praying room. There are some benches when we want to sit and enjoy the pine trees atmosphere.

Puncak Becici and Pine Trees

Puncak Becici is a place to see Yogyakarta view widely. From this area, we can see Yogyakarta and its scenery widely and it is amazing view. Puncak Becici is pine forest before, but since 2015 the place changed. Local people change it to be tourist attraction and it can attract some people to coming. Mr. Obama interested in visit the place. He and his family visited it in 2017 when he was in Yogyakarta.

Puncak Becici located at Mutuk village, Dlingo sub-district, Bantul Regency, DI Yogyakarta Province. It is 30 Km from Yogyakarta city.
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A Tree on Pok Tunggal Beach

img_20160820_122047Curious about a tree on a beach that is being famous at the Instagram makes me want to see the tree directly. Not because the tree is well known at the social media, but rather on the natural beauty that served in the beach. Pok Tunggal Tunggal that’s the name of the beach. A white sandy beach with typical karst rock and fortified by towering karst rock.

img_20160820_111348This beach is located at Tepus village, Tepus District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta. As other beaches in Gunung Kidul, the waves are quite high and is not allowed to swim. In addition, charming karst rock hill attract us, my husband and I too, to climb up the hill. We use ladder to go up the hill. Those ladders have been made. The hill is quite high and should be careful. Having reached the top of the hill, we could see the beach and sea widely. Wonderful! the right word to describe its beauty. The thing I like there is red and white flag fluttered. Feels proud to see our flag as proud to see Indonesian nature. Thanks to God for the natural beauty of Indonesia, may we always be able to keep it.

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Gesing beach after 4 years ago

img_20151219_160852Gesing beach is a beach that get us, my husband and I, curious. Four years ago, we have been coming up on the beach. But we did not move on it, because at that time the road leading to the beach is still very quiet and not a single person in that area. Because we hesitate, we decided to cancel the trip and go home. However, curiosity is never disappearing from our memory. So, we decided to go back there again.  We hope, we see will be very impressive beach.

Gesing beach is one of the beaches in Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta – Indonesia. It is located at Padukuhan Panjolomulyo, Girikarto Village, Panggang District, Gunung Kidul Regency. The place is about 40 km from the downtown. To reach to this beach, we can use a motorcycle or car. When we got to the place, we were riding a motorcycle. When we went to the beach, the coastal road is being paved. The coastal road is fully paved yet, there are still a few meters of the road rock. So, we have to be more careful.

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Unlimited Photos at De Mata Trick Eye Museum Jogja

IMG_20150718_140337 IMG_20150718_141456If you like, taking photos or selfie, you can come to this museum, De Mata Trick Eye Museum Jogjakarta. If you think, you are shy to take photo or selfie at somewhere. Forget it! In this museum, you are free to take many photos and unlimited photo. You just pay for thirty five thousand rupiah and get unlimited photo.

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Climbing Mercusuar on Pandansari Beach

IMG_20150720_115638Pandansari Beach also has unique thing same as Baru Beach. If on Baru beach there are many windmills, on Pandansari Beach we can climb a Mercusuar. It is 40 meter.


My husband and I visited  this place because he suggested me to climb the Mercusuar. He said that the Mercusuar is high and difficult to climb.  We drove motorcycle to go to this place. It is near from Baru beach, goa cemara, and Kuwaru beach.  We can take the way same as when we want to go to those beach. This beach in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta.

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Baru Beach, Love Seeing the Windmills!


I love seeing windmills; I hope someday I will see it in Holland. However, today I interested in many windmills in Pantai Baru, Baru Beach in Bantul – Yogyakarta. I do not know why the name of this place is Pantai Baru. Baru is mean new in Indonesian. However, I was embittered to know about the beach and windmills. My husband loves it too. Base on the reason, we decided taking after wedding photo at this place. After we finished taking photo at Abang Temple, we continued to go to Baru Beach.


The windmills are generator that use hybrid as its power. They stand among the trees and bushes near from Baru Beach. On the beach we can took many interesting photo and enjoy the sea wind. Continue reading

Taking photography at Abang Temple, Teletubies Hill

foto019Candi Abang, Abang Temple, is located at Blambangan, Jogotirto village, sub district, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta. My husband and I went to this place to take after wedding photos. My photographer suggests this place for us. They just said that the place is very beautiful and amazing for our photo. Therefore, we accepted her suggestion.IMG_2600_

People seldom visit this place because it is far from Main Street and just a little direction to reach it. From Yogyakarta, we drive a private car, and we tried to reach the place. We also used Google map to find it. After parking our car in that village, we continued our trip on foot to get the location.

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Jumping high on Ngetun Beach


My friends invited me to call on their KKN (community work program) family at Purwodadi Tepus, Gunung Kidul regency, Yogyakarta. They wanted to call on village government, KKN property owner, and some citizens who have relation about the lecture programs. Besides that, they also want to visit the beach Ngetun beach.

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Sepedaan Bareng Sepeda Kampus

Bersepeda bersama teman memang menyenangkan terlebih dengan teman akrab. Awal bulan Juli lalu aku dan Nana, teman akrabku, bersepeda di seputaran kampus kami, Gadjah Mada. Sepeda yang kami gunakan pun sepeda milik kampus. Sepeda tersebut biasa disebut dengan ‘sepeda kampus’.

Keinginan untuk mencoba sepeda kampus sudah lama kami inginkan yaitu sejak diwacanakannya program tersebut. Namun belum bisa kami lakukan saat kami masih kuliah karena diluncurkannya sepeda kampus tersebut setelah kami lulus kuliah. Jadi, kami belum sempat mencoba sepeda tersebut sewaktu kami masih kuliah.


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Doing Social Mapping CSR at Pedukuhan Perengdawe

Have you stayed at a strange house? Have you live with a strange family whom you do not know them. I have ever stayed at strange house with a strange family. It occurred when I did a social research at Pedukuhan Perengdawe, Rewulu area, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta –Indonesia. I live with Pak/Mr. Dukuh’s family for 2 weeks. I myself live there and did my research. Pak Dukuh is a person who lead or command people in a sub district. My friends and I had tasks to collect some data and information about social economic at the sub district. We did social mapping project to map citizen need and resources at the dukuh. We did it by ourselves. I did my tasks by myself at Dukuh Perengdawe and my other friends did it at others sub district.


Pedukuhan Perengdawe is located in Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta –Indonesia. Perengdawe has many friendly citizens, peaceful environment, enough natural resources; a lot of rice fields, farms, teak wood trees, etc. and good social capital.

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Observing Timang beach with my classmates.


282874_3417631287146_1716614365_nVisiting interesting place together with our classmates can be a beautiful moment. We will remember the moment and feel happy when we remember it. We can talk it again when we do reunion agenda in the future. We friend had a plan to visit Timang Beach. This beach was a place where Citra and her fiends did KKN, community work programs. Citra often told the beach to us. Because of the story, we were curious about the beach. Therefore, we decide to follow Citra’s Invitation to visit the beach, Timang Beach.

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Lava Tour “Merapi Eruption”


Berwisata memang merupakan kegiatan yang sangat menarik dan menyenangkan, terlebih lagi jika kegiatan tersebut merupakan hobi kita. Berwisata terkadang tidak hanya melihat sesuatu yang menarik karena keindahannya. Wisata juga bisa dilakukan di tempat-tempat yang tidak biasa bahakan ekstrim. Kali ini saya tidak akan berwisata ekstrim, tetapi saya hanya ingin melihat lebih dekat keadaan di gunung merapi pasca erupsi pada tahun 2010. Pada bulan Mei tahun 2012, saya bersama dengan teman saya, Faozan, berencana ke merapi, kami ingin melihat keadaan di sana pasca erupsi merapi. Continue reading

Buying watermelon at Glagah Beach


Weather is very hot and there is no tree near you. What do you want to do? You will use an Umbrella or dink a bottle of cold mineral water? I think is usual, how about eat a piece of watermelon or melon? Do you like Watermelon or Melon? If you like them, you can find it near Glagah Beach.

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Seeing Animals at Gembira Loka Zoo

Have you seen the oldest turtle, an Ostrich, a Capybara, or a giant lizard? If you want to see them, you can visit Gembira Loka Zoo. The zoo is located at Jalan Kebun Raya No. 2 Yogyakarta-Indonesia. I have seen this zoo more than three twice. I like visit this place, I do not why. I love the animals. The first time I visit this zoo when I was new student at my university. I visited the zoo by myself. Besides that, I also visited the zoo with my friends; we enjoyed seeing all of animals. When I visited this zoo for the first time, this zoo was not as interesting as today.

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Enjoying night at Taman Pelangi – Rainbow Garden

What do you think about rainbow? There are seven colors in the sky, Red, yellow, green, and other color. Perhaps you will think about sky phenomena. All of them is true, but I will tell you about Taman Pelangi, Rainbow Garden. The rainbow garden is located at Jogja Kembali Monument Jalan North Ringroad Yogyakarta- Indonesia.

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Eating seafood cuisine on Depok Beach

Fish or seafood cuisine is my favorite food. I love eating Fish so much. Do you like fish or seafood cuisine too? If you are in Yogyakarta, you can visit Depok Beach. On this beach, we can eat many fish and seafood. This beach is located 1.5 kilometers from Parangtritis Beach. There is a fish trading on this beach, the name of it is Mina Bahari 45. Many visitors visit this fish trading also.

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Looking for some books at Bookstore Shopping Center

IMG_20151219_105358Do you look for some books for your study? Do you look for cheap books, cheap novels, or old books and magazines? You can find all of them at Bookstore Shopping Center. We usually call the place “Shopping”. The Bookstore Shopping center is a place to sells many books, magazines, novel, and the others. I always waiting for visiting this place every I back to Jogja, I always want to buy many books.

IMG_20151219_105307We can find old books or up to date books. Besides that, we can bargain the book price with the booksellers. If we have a tricks to bargain we can buy the lower price than standard price. IMG_20151219_105034

The shopping building is located in Jalan Sriwedari Yogyakarta near next to Smart Garden (Taman Pintar). The building has two floors. Booksellers fill both of the floors. My friends and I used to buy some books for our study. Sometimes, we also bought novels, anime magazines, Japanese comic, or dictionary. Most of the books are original and the others are copying books. Do not worry about the copying books. The quality of books is good enough. After looking for some books, we can take a rest while eating some food at food corner at first floor.

Affandi Museum; A museum of Painting Maestro

Have you heard a name of Affandi? Yes, he is an Indonesian Painting Maestro. He has a special technic of painting. I love his painting so much! It is very amazing painting. Affandi Museum is all part of Affandi’s life. The museum is also his home and we can see a lot of his painting there. The museum is located Jalan Laksa Adisucipto No. 167 Yogyakarta – Indonesia. The museum is at the bank of Gajah Wong River.

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An amazing landscape from Ratu Boko Temple


Seeing sunset or something from a high place is very amazing! We can see all of Panorama and it looks beautiful. Because of the reasons, my friend and I decide to visit Ratu Boko Temple. We visited for not only seeing Sunset but also seeing the temple. We wanted to know much about Ratu Boko Temple complex. We went to the temple by motorcycle and we were ready to capture the place.

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Japanese cosplay Event in Jogja


Do you like Japan, Anime, Tokusatsu, Manga, or all about Japan? I like it much! When I was a child, I always felt amazing when I watched Inuyasha Anime. I followed the anime until end. Since I knew the anime, I fell in love with anime and all of Japanese cultures include the language. I do not know why. I think not only me but also almost of Japanese fans go through the same condition like me. Because of the condition, I was became a fans of Japanese pop culture. I often watch Japanese dorama, movies, anime, manga, J-songs, and language. I am very interested to go to Japan. I believe someday, I will be there. Besides that, I also joined to fanfiction community to write a fiction story about my favorite anime and I came to Japanese culture events and so many cosplay events. I also joined to be a volunteer in Center for Japanese study Gadjah Mada University to promote Japanese culture and language. I enjoyed my activity and I meet some friends who like anime or Japan.

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Wanting to celebrate New Year on Njogan Beach


New Year and new hope, we hope that the next year will be better than this year. My friends invited me to join their New Year celebration at a region in Gunung kidul. They had a plan to celebrate the New Year. They wanted to camp near from the beach, Njogan Beach.

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Sunrise-sunset Bukit Bintang Phatuk dan Pesona Waduk Gajah Mungkur

Semasa liburan natal tahun 2010 yang lalu saya diajak oleh teman saya mengunjungi neneknya yang merayakan natal. Kami diajak ke rumah neneknya di Wonogiri. Karena sedang liburan dan tidak ada kerjaan, kami kemudian memutuskan untuk ikut ke sana.

100_3410 100_3407

Kami kemudian berangkat di pagi hari sekitar jam 5 pagi dengan mengendarai 2 sepeda motor. Kami berempat, Mbak Ajeng, adiknya Hayu, Dewi, dan saya. Dari kost kami di daerah Kuningan, Condong Catur Sleman, kami langsung melajukan motor kami dari jalan Samirono menuju ke arah jalan Affadni lalu ke jalan Solo dan berbelok ke jalan Janti. Setelah melewati jalan janti kami berbelok menuju ke jalan Jogja-Wonosari. Lalu kami terus melajukan motor kami hingga kami bertemu dengan wilayah Phatuk.

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Taking photos at Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo

Have you ever seen a wide desert? I have seen it although I just saw it in Jogja, Indonesia but it is very amazing place. The desert that I have ever seen is Gumuk Pasir Parang kusumo (Parang kusumo desert). Gumuk Pasir Parang kusumo is a unique phenomenon. There are two phenomena like that in the world, the first desert in Mexico, and the other one in Yogyakarta-Indonesia. The desert is wide and has interesting design. The shape of Gumuk Pasir is influenced by course of wind.


The gumuk pasir is located between Parangtritis beach and Depok beach. After my friends and I have gone to Depok beach, we went to the desert. The desert is near from depok beach. We went there by motorcycle. From the depok main road, we just walked to go to the Gumuk Pasir. We saw a wide desert; there are sand dune and valley dune. In addition, we also can see various plants such as cemara undang trees, Sea pineapple trees, various grasses, and other plans. From the sand dune, we can see a landscape of that area and we can see beaches. It is a very nice place to see the beautiful landscape.

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Kolong Tangga children museum


Do you like children? I like them so much. Because of it, I joined to a children foundation, Yayasan Dunia Damai – Kolong Tangga Children Museum. We often call the foundation “Museum Anak Kolong Tangga.” It is because location of the foundation under the stair at Taman Budaya Building 2nd floor, jalan Sriwedari No. 1 Yogyakarta next to Bookstore Shopping Center.

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Enjoying North Alun – Alun Jogja in the Evening


My friends and I used to look for some food for dinner when we were students at University. One of the food places is some traditional food at North Alun-alun in Jogja. There are many food stalls around the Alun-alun. We can find traditional food until fast food. We can find bakmi Java, angkringan, es potong, ice cream, corn roasted, and other food. The food price is cheap whereas the food taste is delicious.

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Attending Yukata Workshop – Center for Japanese volunteer

Do you know Kimono or Yukata? If you love Japan or Japanese Culture, I believe that you know about those Japanese traditional costumes. I had an experience about Yukata Workshop. I attended the workshop at Center for Japanese Studies UGM. Many participants joined the workshop. A number of participants like Japan and its culture. We got some information about Yukata, its history, and a way to wear yukata from this workshop. After that, we tried to wear the yukata with workshop instructors and student from Japan. Wearing yukata is not difficult. How to dress Yukata are far easier than how to dress Kimono. After trying wearing Yukata, we took some photos and talk to each other about this workshop. Continue reading

Liburan ke Prambanan, yuk !

Mengunjungi tempat-tempat bersejarah merupakan hal yang menarik, selain merefresh otak juga mendapatkan banyak pengalaman sejarah yang berharga. Dengan tujuan tersebutlah kami berencana untuk mengunjungi salah satu candi yang ada di Yogyakarta. Candi yang kami kunjungi adalah candi Prambanan.


Candi Prambanan adalah candi Hindu terbesar di Jawa Tengah, Candi yang paling besar adalah candi Siwa yang mempunyai ketinggian 47 m, sedang yang lainnya adalah candi Brahma dan candi Wisnu yang letaknya di sebelah kanan dan kiri candi Siwa.  Secara administratif kompleks candi ini berada di perbatasan Jawa Tengah dan Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta.

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Korean Day – Korean Festival in Jogja

0910.051Watching Korean Drama can make us happy, especially Comedy romantic genre. I have loved Korean Drama since I watched Endless Love drama. Do you still remember the drama? I do not discuss I just want to tell you about Korean day and Korean Festival that I have ever attended.

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