Disaster and Earthquake Museum

DSC07667 DSC07654Remembering Disaster makes us sad and sometimes we cry although we did not there when the disaster happened. When I went to Padang city, I decided to visit Disaster and Earthquake Museum to know about the situation. West Sumatera Earthquake occurred on 30 September 2009 with 7, 6 Scale Richter at west Sumatera offshore. Continue reading

Air Manis as Malin Kundang Beach

CameraZOOM-20141124123602127Many beaches have old stories or legends. We have heard about the legend from visitors who have visited the beach or from local community who live there. We can believe it or not bur some people believe that the legend is true. In Indonesia, we often find about beach legend such as on Parang tristis beach Yogyakarta with Ratu Kidul legend and on Air Manis beach in West Sumatera with Malin Kundang legend. A few weeks ago, I got a change to visited Air Manis beach.DSC07435On that beach, we not only hear a legend of the beach but also we can see an evidence of the legend. We can see Malin and his ship that has been stones. Malin is a character in that legend, he has been disobedient to his mother after he went on a journey looking for work and has become a rich-man. He has made her sad and heartache. Continue reading

Exploring Minangkabau Culture at Adityawarman Museum


Every Province has every history, custom, and culture. We must preserve them for young generation later. Besides that, we also appreciate it as cultural heritages which always protected by us. Although we cannot protect it completely but we must keep it as good as we can. Government has important role to protect and conserve it. Because of it, Government builds Museum. Museum is a place to collect and protect it. Whereas, we visitor also keep it well. Let us go to museum! It is an invitation in order to go to museum by Indonesian museum. Therefore, when I go to some places I hope I can visit a museum to know about culture or history in a place. When I went to Padang City, West Sumatera, I provide an opportunity to visit museum. I visited Adityawarman Museum and also Disaster and Earthquake Museum.


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Missing nice Sunsets on Padang Taplau Beach


Enjoying Sunset is an interesting Idea but we cannot see the sunset because of heavy rain. Sometimes, we have planned our time to enjoying sunset when we do trip but the weather does not permit us. Therefore, we have to change that plan to another plan but it is okay, isn’t it?

A few months ago, I went to Padang City to take a civil servant test. I have made a plan to enjoy sunset on the Padang Taplau Beach in the afternoon after finishing my test. I wanted to enjoy sunset on that beach because Padang beach near from guesthouse. It is about 500 meters. Moreover, I could spend a lot of time while enjoying the sunset on this beach. Unfortunately, rain felt down heavily. I had to cancel my plan and I hope next day I would be find interesting sunset. I think I was not lucky when I was there. As long as I was in Padang City, rain felt down heavily every afternoon. It was bad time but it is okay, so I visited the beach in the morning. I myself went to Padang, so I visited this beach alone.

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