Let’s Play at Dufan!


Do you like to go to amusement park? If yes, I will tell you about one of amusement parks in Indonesia. I will tell you about Dunia Fantasi. The amusement park is located at JalanLodanTimur No. 7 Jakarta or we can find some information on www.ancol.com. People often call it “Dufan.” That place opens every day; Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m.


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Visiting Bank Indonesia Museum

I have ever said that museum has interesting design to attract visitor today. Besides that, interactive design is necessary too. Now, I want to tell you about museum, which has both of them. The museum is Bank Indonesia Museum. When we visit it, we will find attractive museum.


Bank Indonesia Museum is located in Kota Tua  (old city) area same as Fine Art and Ceramic Museum that I have told before. In this museum, we got free tickets but we had to entrust our bags or things with operator. Then, we started our trip from left door and look around to see contents of this museum.

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Visiting Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum in Old Batavia City


Visiting a Museum is an interesting activity. We can find not only joy but also historical knowledge about something that happened hundreds or thousands years ago in the museum. Today, visiting museum is not boring because we will a new design at the Museum. For example museum has many facilities which support our needs, such as mosque, canteen, garden, and interesting room design.

Faozan and I visited Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum,one of the museums in Old Batavia City few months ago. We went there by Trans Jakarta Bus, the first corridor, Blok M – Kota bus-line. After we arrived in Kota Shelter, we walked to the main area at Kota Tua. This area is located in 1.3 square kilometers of North Jakarta and West Jakarta. This place is known as Old Jakarta or Old Batavia.

We found a large field that is surrounded by many old buildings and we saw many people in that area. They were doing many activities for example cycling, walking around, playing with their children, and many others. Before we enter the field, we decided to eat something in this place. We were looking for a canteen or food stall near the place. Finally, we found some food stalls which sold many varieties of food. There were Soto, fried rice, fried foods, and other Indonesian foods. I ate a bowl of Soto and a glass of ice tea, Faozan did either. After eating those foods, we took a stroll at the field. We saw some statue-like people. The statues are some people that wear traditional soldierly uniform and their bodies are painted with special paint. I don’t know about the special paint. They did not move as though they were real statues. They looked nice. If we want to donate some money to them, maybe we can take a photo with them. They provided a small container where we could put some money inside it. At the field, we also saw many types of merchandise; traditional toys, unique dolls, typical souvenirs of Jakarta, and others.

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Be smart, be inspired; Indonesia Japan Expo 2013


My friend and I visited this Event on December 2013. This event was accomplished at JCC Kemayoran. The event opened from 19-22 December, it was an annual event in Jakarta. Many Japan Companies took a part at this expo. We would know the company profile and we knew their activities and contribution in Indonesia. The companies are Inpex Corporation, Astra, Nedo, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, and many others.

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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah


Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a big garden is represented all of traditional culture in Indonesia. We can see a lot of traditional houses, clothing, and others from Aceh Province until Papua Province. Every place has a name of the place. We can call the place “Anjungan.” For example; Anjungan Aceh, Anjungan Yogyakarta, Anjungan Sulawesi Selatan, and many others. There are more than thirty Anjungan at Taman Mini. Continue reading

Loving animals at Ragunan Zoo


Loving animals is a good behavior and we must love them. I have some cats in my house and the cats make my family and I happy. Therefore, there is person who does not have a pet or does not have chance to care the pet. It is not a problem; we can still see pets or animals at a zoo without own them.

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Sepedaan Bareng Sepeda Kampus

Bersepeda bersama teman memang menyenangkan terlebih dengan teman akrab. Awal bulan Juli lalu aku dan Nana, teman akrabku, bersepeda di seputaran kampus kami, Gadjah Mada. Sepeda yang kami gunakan pun sepeda milik kampus. Sepeda tersebut biasa disebut dengan ‘sepeda kampus’.

Keinginan untuk mencoba sepeda kampus sudah lama kami inginkan yaitu sejak diwacanakannya program tersebut. Namun belum bisa kami lakukan saat kami masih kuliah karena diluncurkannya sepeda kampus tersebut setelah kami lulus kuliah. Jadi, kami belum sempat mencoba sepeda tersebut sewaktu kami masih kuliah.


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Doing Social Mapping CSR at Pedukuhan Perengdawe

Have you stayed at a strange house? Have you live with a strange family whom you do not know them. I have ever stayed at strange house with a strange family. It occurred when I did a social research at Pedukuhan Perengdawe, Rewulu area, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta –Indonesia. I live with Pak/Mr. Dukuh’s family for 2 weeks. I myself live there and did my research. Pak Dukuh is a person who lead or command people in a sub district. My friends and I had tasks to collect some data and information about social economic at the sub district. We did social mapping project to map citizen need and resources at the dukuh. We did it by ourselves. I did my tasks by myself at Dukuh Perengdawe and my other friends did it at others sub district.

Pedukuhan Perengdawe is located in Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta –Indonesia. Perengdawe has many friendly citizens, peaceful environment, enough natural resources; a lot of rice fields, farms, teak wood trees, etc. and good social capital.

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Ayo Melihat Merapi dari Ketep Pass?

Setiap orang pasti memiliki sudut pandang yang berbeda dalam memandang sesuatu hal termasuk juga memandang objek yang menarik. Karena itulah saya dan teman saya, Faozan, ingin mengunjungi tempat wisata Ketep Pass. Dari tempat tersebut kami ingin melihat Gunung merapi dan sekitarnya dari ketinggian. Dengan demikian kami akan leluasa memandang keindahan Merapi dan pesonanya.


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Buying watermelon at Glagah Beach

Weather is very hot and there is no tree near you. What do you want to do? You will use an Umbrella or dink a bottle of cold mineral water? I think is usual, how about eat a piece of watermelon or melon? Do you like Watermelon or Melon? If you like them, you can find it near Glagah Beach.

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Seeing Animals at Gembira Loka Zoo

Have you seen the oldest turtle, an Ostrich, a Capybara, or a giant lizard? If you want to see them, you can visit Gembira Loka Zoo. The zoo is located at Jalan Kebun Raya No. 2 Yogyakarta-Indonesia. I have seen this zoo more than three twice. I like visit this place, I do not why. I love the animals. The first time I visit this zoo when I was new student at my university. I visited the zoo by myself. Besides that, I also visited the zoo with my friends; we enjoyed seeing all of animals. When I visited this zoo for the first time, this zoo was not as interesting as today.

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Looking for some books at Bookstore Shopping Center

IMG_20151219_105358Do you look for some books for your study? Do you look for cheap books, cheap novels, or old books and magazines? You can find all of them at Bookstore Shopping Center. We usually call the place “Shopping”. The Bookstore Shopping center is a place to sells many books, magazines, novel, and the others. I always waiting for visiting this place every I back to Jogja, I always want to buy many books.

IMG_20151219_105307We can find old books or up to date books. Besides that, we can bargain the book price with the booksellers. If we have a tricks to bargain we can buy the lower price than standard price. IMG_20151219_105034

The shopping building is located in Jalan Sriwedari Yogyakarta near next to Smart Garden (Taman Pintar). The building has two floors. Booksellers fill both of the floors. My friends and I used to buy some books for our study. Sometimes, we also bought novels, anime magazines, Japanese comic, or dictionary. Most of the books are original and the others are copying books. Do not worry about the copying books. The quality of books is good enough. After looking for some books, we can take a rest while eating some food at food corner at first floor.

Sunrise-sunset Bukit Bintang Phatuk dan Pesona Waduk Gajah Mungkur

Semasa liburan natal tahun 2010 yang lalu saya diajak oleh teman saya mengunjungi neneknya yang merayakan natal. Kami diajak ke rumah neneknya di Wonogiri. Karena sedang liburan dan tidak ada kerjaan, kami kemudian memutuskan untuk ikut ke sana.

100_3410 100_3407

Kami kemudian berangkat di pagi hari sekitar jam 5 pagi dengan mengendarai 2 sepeda motor. Kami berempat, Mbak Ajeng, adiknya Hayu, Dewi, dan saya. Dari kost kami di daerah Kuningan, Condong Catur Sleman, kami langsung melajukan motor kami dari jalan Samirono menuju ke arah jalan Affadni lalu ke jalan Solo dan berbelok ke jalan Janti. Setelah melewati jalan janti kami berbelok menuju ke jalan Jogja-Wonosari. Lalu kami terus melajukan motor kami hingga kami bertemu dengan wilayah Phatuk.

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Taking photos at Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo

Have you ever seen a wide desert? I have seen it although I just saw it in Jogja, Indonesia but it is very amazing place. The desert that I have ever seen is Gumuk Pasir Parang kusumo (Parang kusumo desert). Gumuk Pasir Parang kusumo is a unique phenomenon. There are two phenomena like that in the world, the first desert in Mexico, and the other one in Yogyakarta-Indonesia. The desert is wide and has interesting design. The shape of Gumuk Pasir is influenced by course of wind.

The gumuk pasir is located between Parangtritis beach and Depok beach. After my friends and I have gone to Depok beach, we went to the desert. The desert is near from depok beach. We went there by motorcycle. From the depok main road, we just walked to go to the Gumuk Pasir. We saw a wide desert; there are sand dune and valley dune. In addition, we also can see various plants such as cemara undang trees, Sea pineapple trees, various grasses, and other plans. From the sand dune, we can see a landscape of that area and we can see beaches. It is a very nice place to see the beautiful landscape.

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Ke Pantai Tanjung Lame – Pantai berpasir putih penuh kerang-karang

DSC02223Hummm… lagi-lagi saya akan bercerita tentang pantai. Semoga tidak bosan ya.. Kali ini saya tidak akan menceritakan pengalaman saya ketika ke pantai di DI. Yogyakarta, Tetapi saya akan menceritakan pengalaman saya bersama teman-teman KKN saya dan juga anak-anak di Desa Ujung Jaya, Continue reading