Human statues wrapped by a snake  

img_20151120_123307_hdrAfter trying to understand more about grave stones before. we then walked approximately 20 meters toward Tanjung Aro area megalith sites. From entrance we can see there is statue that we wanted to visit. This human statue wrapped a snake is located in this area. It is located at area of rice fields and not far from residential areas.

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Grave Stone, Pagar Alam


Pagar Alam has many statues. Based on, 67 statues have been registered to the UNESCO as world heritage. The statue consists of human statues, human statues wrapped a snake, stone houses, grave stones, and the dolmen, scattered in various locations, including Tegur Wangi Lama, Rimba temple, Tanjung Aro site, and mingkik. Tegur Wangi Lama site is the biggest site which consists of a number of stone statues, stone chamber, and a dolmen. Megalithic relics contained in the vegetable fields of citizens have been protected and nurtured by the interpreter maintained under the coordination of Balai Pelestarian Peninggalan Purbakala Jambi.

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